Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Rings

Jason and I have been married for a little over 3 years now. The ring I got him originally was a Tungsten comfort fit. I thought the size I bought was the right size, but it wasn't so I had to buy him another one. Buy him another one? Yes. Tungsten and Titanium rings can not be sized. The whole ring has to be melted down and cast to the right size. It was easier/cheaper to just buy a new one.

I ordered it and the new one fit perfectly. Well, yesterday we went to visit Jenny at her work. I had just picked Jason up from work and was having him run out there with me. When we got there, he went to the bathroom to wash his hands.

Now, let me tell you that 3 days earlier, Jenny had chewed me out for taking my rings off in a public restroom just to wash my hands.

Jason and I did what we needed to at Jenny's work, then dropped stuff by her house, then went home so we could go to our pack meeting. As Jason was getting ready to shower, he walked out of the bathroom, freaked out cause his ring was not on his hand. He had me call Jenny to see if it was still int he bathroom or if someone had turned it in. As it was ringing, I told him that he was "gonna hear it" from her. And sure enough, after I told her what happened, he could hear her perfectly from 5 feet away explaining that we are idiots, that we need to keep our rings on when in public places and he's damn lucky that someone turned the ring in!

We went to a party out by my sister's and Jason asked if we could stop by and get his ring. I told him "heck no!" I of course was just kidding, but he took it personally and explained how he felt so naked. That all day he has felt horrible about not having it, about leaving it, and that he feels super bad for giving me a hard time when I forget to put mine back on and now he LEFT his somewhere. I didn't mean to get him all riled up!

After the party, we stopped by and got his ring. As we were driving home on the freeway, he said he felt so much better. I told him, "I want you to remember this moment. Remember how you felt not having that on your finger for a day. And that you should never divorce me cause it will be off for a lot longer than just a day and that will REALLY SUCK!"


Todd and Heather Moulton said...

The few times I forget my ring even going to work is really awkward. Glad you guys found it! I also have been watching your other blog on the baby and have enjoyed "taking notes" trying to catch up. Hope things are still going well.

Robinson Family said...

Haha! I know exactly what you are talking about with the rings. Mike's is titanium and has not fit him for almost a year. We both don't care much because it's been a hastle to try to find another one that will fit for a good price. He's finally to the point where he is willing for us to put out the money for us to get him a new one. Let's just hope we can find one he likes. I guess pickiness is a virtue/annoyance we both share. Hahaha! I do like your "lesson" to Jason on how he'll feel if you guys divorce. Haha!