Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding Rings

Jason and I have been married for a little over 3 years now. The ring I got him originally was a Tungsten comfort fit. I thought the size I bought was the right size, but it wasn't so I had to buy him another one. Buy him another one? Yes. Tungsten and Titanium rings can not be sized. The whole ring has to be melted down and cast to the right size. It was easier/cheaper to just buy a new one.

I ordered it and the new one fit perfectly. Well, yesterday we went to visit Jenny at her work. I had just picked Jason up from work and was having him run out there with me. When we got there, he went to the bathroom to wash his hands.

Now, let me tell you that 3 days earlier, Jenny had chewed me out for taking my rings off in a public restroom just to wash my hands.

Jason and I did what we needed to at Jenny's work, then dropped stuff by her house, then went home so we could go to our pack meeting. As Jason was getting ready to shower, he walked out of the bathroom, freaked out cause his ring was not on his hand. He had me call Jenny to see if it was still int he bathroom or if someone had turned it in. As it was ringing, I told him that he was "gonna hear it" from her. And sure enough, after I told her what happened, he could hear her perfectly from 5 feet away explaining that we are idiots, that we need to keep our rings on when in public places and he's damn lucky that someone turned the ring in!

We went to a party out by my sister's and Jason asked if we could stop by and get his ring. I told him "heck no!" I of course was just kidding, but he took it personally and explained how he felt so naked. That all day he has felt horrible about not having it, about leaving it, and that he feels super bad for giving me a hard time when I forget to put mine back on and now he LEFT his somewhere. I didn't mean to get him all riled up!

After the party, we stopped by and got his ring. As we were driving home on the freeway, he said he felt so much better. I told him, "I want you to remember this moment. Remember how you felt not having that on your finger for a day. And that you should never divorce me cause it will be off for a lot longer than just a day and that will REALLY SUCK!"

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I love today. It is my second fav holiday, it follows Christmas.

Anyway, Jason was so sweet. He told me that we would wake up, get some breakfast and he'd watch a movie with me. When I asked which one, he said, "Well, it's a once in a lifetime thing. It has vampires and werewolves."

"Van Helsing?"


"Oh, you mean Twilight? Jason, first of all, I wouldn't make you watch that. There are so many other movies I would rather watch than that. If you are giving me free reign, I have a few others I would like to watch. Second of all, we don't even own it! We'd have to go out and buy a movie that we'll hardly ever watch."

I then spent the next half hour explaining to him why The Host is so much better than Twilight; that Twilight is not my favorite and why people think that I am not crazy over it like they are. We then decided that we would do breakfast then catch a movie. However, then we forgot about physical therapy. Ugh. So, after quite a bit of juggling, we were able to move therapy around, get breakfast, and then watch Gnomeo and Juliet. It was a cute silly movie. I think some of my favorite parts were the Elton John moments.

We then headed home where I made chicken breasts, broccoli and roasted red potatoes (one of Jason's favorites). And, as we ate dinner, we watched Valentine's Day. I love that movie. It has some great actors/actresses. Not to mention, it has some good life lessons... Marry your best friend for a lasting relationship. And, whenever Jennifer and Jessica get a pinata, it will always be a good time! lol

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jason's 4 week Post-Op visit

We went to Jason's 4 week post-op visit this afternoon. After last weeks shock of him not healing as fast as they would have liked, they were very impressed by him this week! They have decided that he has healed so well, that we can start Physical Therapy this week! He is to start using one crutch and put very minimal weight on his foot. We are so super excited!

If all goes well, he could be back to work in a couple weeks. Let's hope.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Did you know that when I got married to Jason Graf, I didn't just get married to Jason Graf, I got married to FREAKING JASON GRAF?!

I went to a MARY KAY party tonight held at my friend Heather's house (Heather Estes, married to Scott Estes of Henderson). I knew her sister-in-law, Tracy, and her cousin, Jennifer. While washing my hands in the kitchen, a girl, Melissa, asked me how I knew Heather and I told her, oh, she's a friend. Her husband and my husband grew up together. "Who's your husband?" Melissa asked. "Jason Graf." I replied. Little did I know I would get this as her reaction to my answer,

"JASON GRAF?! HOLY CRAP! I use to babysit him!!! I haven't seen him in forever! You're pretty lucky."

I said, "Ya, I like to think so."

A little while later everyone was sitting around the table getting ready for their facials. We had to go around the circle and explain how we knew Heather. After many, I'm Heather's sister, sister-in-law, cousin, etc., I said, "Hi, I'm Jessica. I'm Heather's friend. To which Melissa announced, "AND JASON GRAF'S WIFE!" To which half the table practically jumped out of their chairs and said, "FREAKING JASON GRAF?!" Then there was an uproar about Jason Graf this and Jason Graf that. To which Heather made worse by saying, "AND they're expecting their first baby!" To which the table roared for another couple minutes.

I knew Jason was pretty amazing when I married him, but every time I hang out with his (now our) Henderson friends, I realize how lucky I am to have such an amazing husband that wasn't a deuche growing up. To be married to the "it" guy. Well, he may not have been the "it" guy, but he sure is my "it" guy and I think he's pretty "it". ha ha ha Don't know where I was going with that last part.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jason's latest check-up

Jason had another check-up today. Together, we bombarded the dr with many questions. Since he has been out of work for a month now and hasn't gotten any income, we've been scraping by on my part time income and trying to work things out. The dr said he should be down for at least another 2 weeks, then he will have physical therapy. Depending on how he does there, he may be able to go back to work in about 3-4 weeks. Let's pray.

His foot still looks horrible. I asked if he was on track for healing and they said he is a little slow... Weird, cause I thought he would have been way ahead of the game with being so healthy and young. Don't tell the dr, but we didn't ice his foot, and that's probably what is making healing take so long! I've been trying to elevate it more than what we had it at and am icing it when we're awake. I DO NOT want that ice pack popping in my bed while I'm sleeping! I already get minimal sleep, so no need to cause any other things to prevent my somewhat slumber (that may be selfish, but whatever).

The bandage he got this time is much smaller than the past couple. The cast did nothing bu thurt him, the last bandage was 3 inches thick. This one is just right and the ice pack makes it so he can (can't) feel his toes. Can't meaning that it gets so cold it numbs his foot. LOL

He's hanging in there. He still has really bad cabin fever. I try to let him get out when we're going somewhere that won't exhaust him. We went to Walmart and Costco the other day so he could drive around in the wheelchair carts. We also went to a place called Mel's Diner in Boulder City for lunch. Some family came over for dinner on Sunday, and we also played Mexican Train. Having a 4 day weekend, I was getting cabin fever too. I am so proud of him for not complaining. When he gets feisty, that's when I know he needs to be taken on a drive or out or something. Only a couple more weeks.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jason's Recovery

He's doing well. I know he's getting stir crazy. There's only so many movies to watch instantly on Netflix and he can only read so much without getting totally bored.

He's tring to be more mobile, but he also has to make sure to still keep all pressure off his foot. Which in turn makes his right foot very tired and exhausted. He wants to help out more around the house and he wants to do more physical things, but he can't. The crutches cause him to be very limited. Also, if he doesn't stay down and lazy, it will be that much longer before he heals!

I'm hoping his check-up this week will show lots of improvement. Maybe he will start to be able to start putting pressure on his foot. I doubt it, but let's hope.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Honey, I'm so stoned!

The surgery was only supposed to be an hourish long. After being at the hospital since 7 am, by 1215 I was getting anxious. I had stayed with Jason from the time we got there til he was about to be wheeled down the hallway at 1030ish. At 1230 I went to Pilar, the pre-op nurse and asked where he was, if there were some complications, why it was taking so long, etc. She told me he had just come out of surgery and they would be calling me shortly.

I went back to the waiting room and as I sat down I got a phone call to come to pre-op. As they were escorting me there they asked if Jason is a singer. I said, "Oh ya. He also takes requests." When I walked into the room I saw him there, chatting away and giggling. (BTW, I love his giggle.) I gave him a kiss and the first thing he tells me is, "Honey, I am so stoned." ha ha ha He looked it too. Eyes were so glossy and somewhat blank looking. He was starving and was wanting anything to munch on.

The nurse pulled me to the end of his bed to go over his pre-op rules. No solid foods til later in the evening. Check his toes to make sure the bandage wasn't too tight. I started tearing up and when she told me he was ok, I had Niagara Falls on my cheeks. Jason then told me that he was fine and everything was ok. I told him I knew that he was ok, but that things didn't happen the way the nurses said, and I haven't had much sleep and I was hormonal. To which Jason said, Ah. She's very pregnant. So, one of the other nurses brought me a chair, had me sit and once I was composed again, we proceeded with how to care for Jason. Here's Jason totally stoned and having to take care of my emotional wreckness. I should've had someone else there with me. LOL

Anyway, I got him home. Got his drugs. And I even got a little milk crate for snacks so he doesn't have to get up and go anywhere except to the toilet.

He's still waiting on his sponge bath to get the betadine off of him.

(this is his pre-op picture)